martedì 20 dicembre 2011

Promote your blog with SheToldMe

SheToldMe is democratizing digital media. As a user, you participate in determining all site content by discovering, selecting, sharing, and discussing the news, and videos that appeal to you.

1. Discover
Submit your favourites. Find an article, image or video on-line and submit it to SheToldMe. You can also submit your own content. Your submission will immediately appear in "Upcoming", where other members can find it and, if they like it, vote for it.

Get on The Front Page. Once a submission has earned a critical mass of votes, it jumps to the homepage in its category and The Front Page, the homepage of SheToldMe.

2. Select
Vote up. Participate in the collaborative editorial process by voting for the stuff that you like best. As you vote, you contribute to the popularity of any given item.

The system only works when users actively participate on a large scale, so make sure to do your part and vote up and down for content that matters to you!

3. Discuss
Comment. Share your opinions by commenting on scoops, images and videos.

4. Earn money with AdSense Revenue Sharing
Submit content. For each content you submit to SheToldMe a page is created. This page will receive visitors from Google and users of the site. On every pages you create your AdSense ads will be displayed 100% of the time. If an ad is clicked, you earn money in your AdSense Account, it's as simple as that! Read more about this here.

Join with walterfano as your referrer!

lunedì 12 dicembre 2011

Come ottenere backlink di qualità al proprio sito

Sappiamo bene che più backlink otteniamo, più miglioriamo il nostro ranking, e di conseguenza otteniamo più traffico al nostro sito.
Ma il vero problema è ottenere backlink di qualità!
Per questo può tornare molto utile il servizio di web marketing chiamato: Social Monkee.
Si tratta di un servizio che è grado di creare 25 backlink dofollow al giorno, gratis. Tutti i link vengono generati da indirizzi IP e domini diversi.
Per ottenere tutto questo è sufficiente:
- registrarsi sul sito
- installare il Firefox Plugin (o se si preferisce, si possono inserire gli url manualmente) che permette, durante la navigazione, di segnalare i siti per i quali si vogliono creare i backlink
- controllare url, titolo e descrizione
- scegliere una categoria
- cliccare sul tasto "submit"

Il servizio è gratuito per un massimo di 25 link al giorno, se si vogliono prestazioni superiori c'è un costo aggiuntivo.
Per registrarsi, cliccare qui: Social Monkee

lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

How to get quality backlinks to your website

We know that more backlinks means better rankings, that means more traffic.
But it's not so easy to get quality backlink!
You can solve the problem with the new service called: Social Monkee

Easily build 25 unique dofollow backlinks to your pages every day, FREE.
All links are on unique C Class IPs and domains!

In order to do that you have two ways:
install the Firefox Plugin, once you are on the page you want to promote, click the "monkee" head in your Firefox Add-on Bar, the Firefox Plugin will pre-populate the fields for you, you only have to:
- check the url, title and description
- choose a category
- hit the "preview" and "submit" buttons

or you can submit a url from your dashboard of the Members Area

Sign up and start generating quality inbound links to your site: Social Monkee